Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Insight to Me

I'm an overachiever and a perfectionist. I set these goals for myself and if I don't meet them, I beat myself up for a while.

So my unrealistic goals lately were 1. to make an A in Anatomy 2. To make all A's this semester in all 4 of my classes.

Now before kids this would have been a piece of cake so automatically I assume that I can do it with kids. Yeah I was wrong. I didn't do horribly in Anatomy, I got an 85, but dammit it's not my goal. I didn't meet my goal so I failed. I know it sounds stupid and petty, because an 85 is awesome for a hard class that people normally fail, but I am disappointed.

I know you're probably thinking "It's a B, what's the big deal?", right? It is a big deal. I have to get an A next semester otherwise I can't get into the nursing program. I NEED an A.

So I'm going to mope a bit, and then move on and know that I'll do better next semester. Crap, I just figured something out...if I wouldn't have had to miss 2 labs and something else, then I would have an A. Son of a bitch. Okay...I learned to not miss important things.

Anyhow, next semester I will do it and I will be fine. I will meet my goal of an A in Anatomy and I will get into the nursing program.


Mom2BabyAaron said...

Aww thats too bad! I know what you mean about grades and being a perfectionist though. I had a really hard class this semester and was doing pretty poorly in it and finally brought my grade up a little bit but still not what I am used to overall. You will do better next semester though! No need to worry~