Sunday, June 28, 2009


So I stayed up late last night talking to Grandma (Ex-h's) about Ex and all of the problems we had. She said that she talked to him for a few hours that night and he was complaining that he was tired of everyone talking crap about him. He just wants people to cut him a break and to see that he's trying to do the right thing. He said that he can barely afford to feed himself, let alone take care of his kids, and he knows that "Daddy Warbucks" (my Dad) will make sure that they're taken care of so he's not worried about it. He also made the comment that he knows that the birthday presents he sent Ray aren't as good as the ones that "rich folks" can give him and he's just sure that they're destroyed in pieces somewhere. He doesn't realize that R loved the Transformers more than he loved everything else. He doesn't realize the joy that R got knowing that his presents were from his Daddy.

I am of this "woe is me" bullcrap. I am sick of him calling us rich and calling my Dad "Daddy Warbucks". I am sick of him always being the victim. I'm just sick of it. He says he's not involved in the boys' lives because he wants to be able to actually do something with them and not just sit around and watch them play. He wants to be the "superhero" who always does fun stuff and wants nothing to do with the day to day bullshit of life. He thinks that he'll be able to just swoop in here, when he has money, and be the fun one, but it's almost too late.

So, do I call him out on him talking crap about my family? Or do I just keep quiet about it? He's never going to change, and he's always going to think this way, so part of me thinks that he just needs to be left alone. The other part of me, the part who is VERY protective over my family, and my father, thinks that he needs an ass chewing. The part of me who has dealt with this crap for the past however long is tired of him always talking crap about us, and wants to stop it. Then I stop to think: "What good will this do?" Sadly, the answer is "nothing." Me chewing him out will do absolutely nothing. It will let him know that Grandma told me everything, and that's about it.

So I guess I sit here, and try to not let him get to me. Right now, it's not about me, but about my family. He's a sorry SOB who needs to learn.