Friday, July 18, 2008

My No Good, Horrible, Very Bad Day

I hate bitching and complaining but my day sucked ass. It was really horrible.

It started out this morning with this horrible dream where someone was trying to steal Zachary and me. I woke up crying and freaking out because Zach wasn't in bed with me. He was in the living room eating donuts with Kasey and Ray but it still freaked me out. Ray had a donut for breakfast so of course he was bouncing off of the walls because of the sugar, well that and he knew we were going to Papa's.

So he's in the fridge trying to get a cheese stick and he knocks the tea out of the fridge all over the ground. I was so pissed but mainly at myself because I didn't help him. I sent him to his room while I cleaned so he could keep Zach out of the way and I told him he needed to clean his room. He came back at me yelling and screaming that he didn't want to clean his room. No I didn't respond the way I really wanted to but shit happens. I yelled back and sent him back in there.

Kasey comes home, we get ready to leave to go to Dad's and I am just in a horrible mood. We're driving, almost halfway to Dad's and the front left tire blows out on me. I allow myself a few minutes to cry and then we get somewhat off of the freeway so Kasey can start changing the tire. He gets the car lifted up, the tire almost off and the car falls off of the jack. Yes seriously that happens. The boys and I are in the car and the car falls off of the jack. I can't do anything but sit there in shock, Kasey is in shock sitting on the ground next to the car. We both look at each other like "Well shit..." We are trying to figure out who to call to bring us another jack when a tow truck pulls up. The city hires some tow trucks to tow motorists to safety so they're not on the freeway. That was awesome, except for the fact that the car is resting on the rotor and the boys and I are still in the car. We're in the car while he's pulling the car up onto the flat bed of the truck, as he's driving across two lanes of feeder traffic to a parking lot. It wasn't just a normal parking was a parking lot for an Adult/Erotica Store. Yeah that's great. Ray was like "Mommy, what buildin' is that?" My answer was "Umm...a not good place."

So we make it to Dad's house all in one piece and my sis and I start running errands. We get almost done and we're having a great time when she gets a phone call from my grandma. Apparently my mom has bruises all over her face from her boyfriend. To make it all even better, her cat died tonight too. So now my sis and I are worried about Mom and trying to figure out how to get her over to Grandma's.

Mom is at Grandma's, my sis is at the movies with her friends, and both of my boys are sleeping. I am no longer wanting to chop my boobs off and just hand them to Zach, and I have been doing some online browsing.

So that's my no good horrible very bad day. I sure hope we don't get to play that game again.

Peace, love and Starbucks....oh yeah I had Starbucks tonight so I am bouncing off of the walls. I need to go to bed soon.