Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sleeping Angels Contest

My wonderful friend, Casey, linked me to a contest through 5 Minutes for Mom for a new bedroom set. This bedroom set is from Home and Bedroom Furniture and they are offering the South Shore Children's Bedroom Set in either Lily Rose or Summer Breeze. Seeing as I don't have any girls, obviously I'd choose the Summer Breeze. The ironic part about that bedroom set is that it was the one I wanted for Ray but I never bought because we were in Guam and it was too expensive to ship it over to us, even if we bought it through the Exchange.

In order to enter this contest you have to blog a picture of your sleeping angel(s) so here's my beautiful picture. Before I took this picture, I was in between the boys and when I got up, Ray moved towards Zach to get closer to him.

Thanks for looking!