Sunday, November 2, 2008


I hate cleaning, I really do. I don't mind cleaning up after my boys and myself but when it comes to other people who are perfectly capable of doing it themselves, I hate it.

I hate cooking for other people too, especially when they're picky and won't eat much, or always complain about what I'm cooking.

I spent all day yesterday doing laundry. To be perfectly honest, I started on Friday night because my diapers take forever to wash and I finished last night. I didn't have that much laundry to do but each wash for the diapers takes 2 hours and then each wash for normal clothes takes an hour and then I was doing stuff in between. Why does it seem like laundry never stops? I did most of it yesterday and there's more to do today. *sigh* I can't imagine doing everyone's in this house. I'd probably die from aggravation from doing laundry all of the time.

Okay now time for homework. I have a week from hell this week coming up.