Friday, November 7, 2008

Mental Day

I took a mental health day today because I was fried from a few nights ago when I had to finish the first part of a class in a few hours. It was all my fault but I can't change how it worked out. Yesterday I was fried but went to English because I had to turn in a paper. I knew that there was no way I would be able to go to school today and absorb everything that was being taught so I skipped. I honestly had no good reason to skip except for the fact that I wanted to. I wanted to be lazy today so I did it.

I played around on the internet for a while, watched some tv and then I took a nap for all of 5 minutes. I went out to eat Olive Garden and then I went to get the boys from daycare. For dinner, I was being lazy so instead of cooking food, I took them to Chick Fil A where they got to play for an hour. They loved it.

It was a good Friday. This weekend is going to suck so I figured I might as well have a blow off day, right?