Friday, November 2, 2007


I hate feeling helpless. I don't think there's any other feeling worse than knowing that your little baby is sick and you can't do anything to stop it from happening.

With an ear infection, you can give antibiotics and you know that something is going to help eventually. My poor baby, Z, has the flu and an ear infection. He has antibiotics to help with the ear part but we can't do anything but sit and wait in anticipation for the flu to hit.

Today at the doctor, he wanted to swab Z's nose just to be sure he doesn't have the flu. Well to our surprise it came back positive. Sometimes I think that's worse. I know he has the flu but it hasn't given him any symptoms yet. We're just sitting here waiting, knowing that the worst is yet to come and when the worst comes, what can I do? Absolutely nothing but tylenol, nursing and holding him, making sure he's okay.

I love being a Mom but the sick times suck because you can't do anything to fix it.


Junebug said...

Sorry about that flu. Found you randomly with the randomiser. He will get better soon. My kids are all in college now and it goes by faster than you think. All stages are good. I loved the nursing and baby stage but I don't miss the lack of sleep! Ha ha. Now my lack of sleep is because I stay up too late.

Dawn said...

Visiting from the Randomizer. So sorry your little one is ill. When our daughter(16) was 2 months she had a cold and had such trouble breathing. It was so tough and the feeling of helplessness is the worse. Good luck through this rough time.

Amanda said...

Oh oney, that's no fun. I am so sorry. (Here through the randomizer). Hang in there.

adam said...

Oh man.. I'm so sorry. It's the hardest thing isnt it? When Iain had RSV (right at the same age as Z actually) I had to stop myself so hard from crying in the ER... I really hope he feels better soon.

Miranda said...

that comment from adam was me by the way.