Saturday, November 3, 2007

Things I love about Breastfeeding

1. Knowing that 100% of what my baby gets is from me.

2. Knowing that the reason why he's almost 15 lbs at 3.5 months old is because of me.

3. The bonding time we get.

4. The milky smiles.

5. The "milk drunk" look.

6. Passing out from being milk drunk.

7. The cuddling.

8. The giggle before latching on.

9. The instant contentment after latching on.

10. Co-sleeping while nursing.

11. The huge burps.

12. The lack of projectile spit up.

13. The gulping.

14. Him grabbing my hand while he nurses.

15. The rooting.

16. The nutritional benefits.

17. Knowing that I'm giving my son the best food ever.

18. The wonderful friends I've made because of breastfeeding.

19. Finally finding something I feel passionate about.

20. Helping other moms overcome problems they have while breastfeeding.

Please feel free to comment to add your own things. :) I'd love to see them.


mountainmama said...

All of the immense immune system benefits they receive, which continue, concentrate and fine-tune right up till they stop nursing. My wee man is 3.5 years old and still having a micro-suck at bed-time and a "milkshake" on waking (I'm still waiting for him to self-wean...?!), and apart from the odd cold & gastro bug, he has so far avoided all the "regular" childhood ills so many of his little friends have had.

I loved the way breastfeeding brought you back to a slower rhythm - you're running around trying to be SuperWoman, and then the baby needs a feed and you can lie down and curl up round them as they feed themselves to blissfulness, and you get the much-needed rest.

Enjoy this time - it's very special. Thanks for a lovely post... :)

blueeyedgirl said...

I agree with it all..of course. Also the gulping, I think the gulping is too cute.

baby~amore' said...

I think you said so many wonderful things. Amen
The instant comfort to soothe and heal all manner of things ~ that breastfeeding brings.

Meleah the Mommy said...

Thank you for this lovely post. I am going to link to it in my blog tomorrow (It's Linky Love Tuesday at my blog).

I second everything you said, and I would add convenience. Our dishwasher has been broken for THREE weeks now and I have not had to wash a single bottle for my TWINS! That is a lifesaver!