Saturday, September 20, 2008

Home :)

We are finally home. We left Austin yesterday afternoon and as soon as we pulled into Dad's driveway, we had power! We spent last night here and things have been lovely. Britt and I went to Wal Mart today to restock the freezers, fridge and pantry and spent over $400. It was insane but I'm glad we had the money to do it.

While at Wal Mart today, Zach had an obsession with patting my boobs and he'd get mad when I wouldn't let him. I'm not quite sure why but eh whatever. It's Zachary and he's a boob boy.

I start school again on Monday and it's going to be interesting. We haven't been in the school mode for over a week but we'll see how it goes.


Rachel Mead said...

Yea for being home! I have been thinking of you all and praying. Hope school went well!