Friday, September 5, 2008

Our 2nd Week

This week was so much better! Of course we didn't go to school on Tuesday but Wednesday-Friday were a major improvement on the daycare front.

Zach has actually been laying himself down on the nap mat to go to sleep. Every teacher there said how much he's improved AND he even got a happy face on the mood yesterday. Today he was grumpy because he woke up from his nap before he was ready but he's doing better. :D Today she just had to pat his back and he fell back asleep for another few hours.

Ray LOVES his new school. He is actually excited to go and today told me he can't wait for Monday. Wednesday and Thursday I walked him to his new room but today I dropped him off at the front where they drop off car riders and then cried the entire way home because it's another step to him growing up. I have no idea how I'm going to be next year for Kindergarten.

School for me is going well. I'm remembering why I love learning and why I love psychology so much. We're doing genetics in psych right now and I'm loving it. My teacher asked me what I was planning on doing and why I wasn't doing genetics. That made me feel pretty awesome. :) Anatomy...I had a quiz on Wednesday that I was not prepared for (date the night before coupled with stress from finding out about Ray) BUT I knew my stuff and I got an A. :) I missed 2 questions but it should have only been one. I got a term confused but had the first part right. She still counted it wrong though. Oh well. :)

That's our update. I hope that things continue to improve. :)