Sunday, September 7, 2008

This makes me sick

All summer the news has been playing stories on how parents "forget" their children in vehicles and the children end up dying because of the heat. How the hell do you "forget" your child? How do you not remember that you have this beautiful (or in my case these beautiful) child/children in your car and you need to take care of them? How do you do that?

I just read a story that a local mom (she's 20) got home from a party around 5 am and left her kids in the car. She woke up around 1 pm and remembered them. The kids survived but are in ICU. CPS doesn't want to give them back for good reason. The father wants custody of them but he has no job, income or driver's license. I just...I don't know. It makes me sick to even think about it.

Maybe I'm abnormal but my kids are my life. My kids are the reason why I am who I am. I would never forget them.

Stories like that make me want to hug my babies a little tighter and love them a little more.